Maunaloa town is a small town located in the western area of Molokai. MaunaLoa is a beautiful and quiet town with a amount or people that live there. Maunaloa has a population of 336 residents sense 2019, maunaloa also offers three shops and stores that are currently in business right now!

  • Maunaloa general store- located in Maunaloa town
  • Big wind kite factory-located in Maunaloa town
  • “Da store”- located in kepuhi, Maunaloa

Maunaloa was also known for their bigger company, Molokai ranch

Molokai ranch was founded in 1897 by paniolo (cowboys) business men that purchased 70,000 anchors of land, most of in on the westside on molokai, maunaloa. The ranch focus was to raise beef cattle for market,horses and mules for  sales elsewhere. Later on the ranch included raising sheep for market, honey production, a small dairy, and various grains and row crops. Speaking about crops, Between 1923 and 1985 several thousand acres were leased to Libby and to Del Monte for pineapple cultivation. pineapple was an economic mainstay for Molokai. The most recently activities introduced the Lodge or the Beach village at Kaupoa Beach. In 2008 the ranch was shut down, After many heated and bitter public planning and environmental impact meetings, Molokai Properties decided to abandon the plan.the Ranch would be ceasing all its operations on Molokai including the Lodge, movie theater, and Kaluakoi Golf Course. They then laid off almost their entire Molokai work force of about 120 employees.

Businesses formerly operated by Molokai Ranch:

– Cattle Ranch

– Molokai Lodge

– Kaupoa Beach Village

– Kaluakoi Golf Course

– Maunaloa Gas Station

– Maunaloa Movie Theater

if you are looking forward to some hunting,fishing and adventure, then you should probably listen to this. Molokai has been a sustainable island for over 100s of years. the residents of mauna loa depend on hunting and fishing as their main food source. in Fact, did you know their are over 70,000 axis deer on molokai and 60% of them roam around mauna loa. with the overwhelming population count on axis,and still growing as we speak. the sate offers and encourages the residents of of mauna loa and the whole molokaians , to hunt axis deer, with no kill limit. it seems bad to kill that much deer but it very beneficial for our island and our people.

here is some history about the axis deer on molokai and how they got here.

axis deer is an invasive animal that lives in high elevation forested land, they eat mostly all the vegetation in the surrounding area, killing multiple native plants and messing up gardens.

axis deer, which originally come from india, were first introduced to molokai in 1868 as a gift to king kamehameha V. population were established for hunting on lanai in 1920 and maui in 1959.